[KBW 2019-D.FINE]

UNESCO "Blockchain conference should be open to the public."

2019 D.FINE Conference

[KBW]Eric Voli Bi. Photo=Dong-il Seo, The Financial News

[파이낸셜뉴스] The closed blockchain conference should also be open to the public and traditional media, said Eric Voli Bi, head of Social Mobilization and Partnerships Unit of UNESCO.

At the 2019 Korea Blockchain Week(KBW2019)’s main conference D.FINE held at Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas in Teheran-ro, Seoul, Oct. 1, Voli Bi said "I think Bitcoin can change society and we should not miss out on opportunities for social innovation."
He said "I learned through the conference that bitcoin is one of the ways to utilize blockchain and that blockchain can be applied to healthcare." "We need to discuss it, but if many people can learn about blockchain, we can use UNESCO's capabilities to create a public forum for community players," he added.

Voli Bi also spoke about UNESCO's position on virtual assets. "Blockchain technology can be used to move cultural heritage into virtual space," he said. "If we replicate cultural assets into virtual spaces through blockchain, we can help future generations continue to enjoy the heritage," he added.

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